Earn Bitcoin for Writing Content

Without fearing deplatforming

Or demonetization

Bitpatron is a free speech content membership platform powered by Bitcoin that allows you to earn Bitcoin for speaking your mind no matter what political affiliation or ideas you have.

The bottleneck of a free internet

The recent trend of attacks on freedom of expression and online revenue has raised major

concerns for the cyberspace. The dominant social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook,

Twitter and now lately Patreon demonetize and deplatform all content creators who they deem

as controversial and contrary to the majoritarian political leaning. The Bitpatron team deems this

as an unacceptable transgression on the rights of the content creators and we've decided to step

in to create a solution.

Our mission is to provide all content creators with an equal playing field for content monetization.

This way we can keep the playing field nuanced. We will eliminate pressure by big corporations

and government on "controversial" political figures and relieve them of financial restrictions to

allow them to operate completely.


We use nothing but Bitcoin in our platform and you can earn it by creating content and being rewarded by your fanbase.

Think up a good nickname and you're set! We don't care about your personal info or e-mail except if you want to have the option to recover your password. Enjoy full anonimity and privacy.

No matter what political leanings or thoughts you have, whether you are right wing, left wing, up wing or down wing, you can speak up freely and enjoy full freedom of speech on our platform.

Bitcoin First

Freedom of Speech First

Privacy First

Are you an investor who wants a share in Bitpatron's revenue or a donor who wants to help our cause? Send us an email with the title "I want to invest / donate" to fundraiser@bitpatron.io 

and we'll respond within 15 minutes!




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